Implementing a Sample ConfigMgr Web API

The following steps get you a working WebAPI that can show data retrieved from a ConfigMgr database. The project is hosted at Prerequisites: ASPNET Core GIT Visual Studio Code C# extension You need remote TCP Connectivity to the ConfigMgr database. (probably port 1433 ) Implementing a simple yet awesome ConfigMgr Web API. Clone the repository From PowerShell or commadn prompt run: git clone This will create a folder named CMWebAPI containing all the source code. Read more →

Getting Starting with a ConfigMgr WebAPI

Accessing portions of your ConfigMgr database via a webAPI can really open some doors for some pretty spectacular solutions and of course some nifty automation. Most of the automation “low hanging fruit” for WebAPI usage is during OSD. You can do things like combine data from an asset management system and the CM database to do things like name the device, select appropriate applications, place the device in a proper OU, validate it is corporate owned, etc etc… if you can think it up and you have the data available to you, you should be able to right the logic into your web API. Read more →