2019 Goals

Here is my list of technical goals for calendar year 2019.

Learn a Modern Web development framework

This is underway and is the reason why this post is coming out towards the end of January 2019 instead of the beginning. I have been obsessively spending all my free time writing a tool for the greatest game ever (Magic the Gathering) using Vue. Why Vue and not React? I don’t have a great answer other than it was recommended from a few peers. No regrets, I love it so far.

Why? Seems like almost every project or codebase today could benefit from a web component. It is time I dig in and get familiar with how it all works.

Learn TypeScript

JavaScript is EVERYWHERE. I can’t believe it! It’s absolutely true though. JavaScript is now interwoven into the fabric of our technical lives and I think its time to acknowledge that getting a working knowledge of JavaScript is key to being a well rounded technical professional.

I can’t stand JavaScript though! It has all the flexibility of other non-strongly typed languages (like PowerShell) but with far less human readibility. If you aren’t careful with your JavaScript it can be hard to refactor. TypeScript solves this by creating a super set of JavaScript that is (very) strongly typed and infinity more factorable and human readable. Also, VS Code is written in TypeScript, and anything VS Code is doing I want to be in the know about.

Learn more Unit Testing

Mainly I need to learn how to do proper C# Unit testing and unit testing for web projects using Vue and Typescript. To be honest the C# unit testing is the priority, anything else is a bonus.

Contribute to Pester

More on the unit testing side of things here. I believe unit testing is so important to the sustainability and maintainability of code, doubly so if you work on a team, that it is on my 2019 goal list TWICE. I cut my teeth unit testing on Pester with the help of Adam Bertam’s great book, The Pester Book. In 2019 I hope to make one or more contributions to the project itself.