Other 2019 Goals

Help keep Minnesota user groups strong

Double down my involvement with the local user groups. I still feel like I owe a lot to the local community and I want to get closer to leveling that debt this year.

Read more books in my field

It is never a bad idea to just read more. I get a fair amount of reading in, but I have been drifting a lot into homebrewing books over the last few years. And let me tell you, I have no regrets! They were fun reads. I know way more about beer and its production now than I ever thought I would. But the time has come to focus that energy towards some professional development and perspective.

Yoga 25% of the days

Every time I get back into doing Yoga I am simply blown away by how good it makes you feel all the time. Why I ever stop doing it regularly for any stretch of time is mind boggling. This year I want to get on the mat 2.5 days a week at least. Of all the goals I have set for this year, if I am unable to live up to this one I will be very dissapointed. Namaste.

For those who are interested, these are my go to routines.

Bryan Kest - Power 1

Bryan Kest - Power 2

Bryan Kest - Power 3

Make a decent session IPA

Just kidding, those are stupid.