ConfigMgr Scripts Node

ConfigMgr and the Scripts Node Monitoring / Reporting As far as I can tell there are no status messages created when the scripts node is utilized. That had me very depressed at first until a colleague (Jeff Scripter) found where in SQL all the information was being stored. Ends up it is way better than burdensome status messages anyway. Everything is easily accessible via three simple Views. View Description vSMS_Scripts This has the script objects themselves stored here. Read more →

Implementing a Sample ConfigMgr Web API

The following steps get you a working WebAPI that can show data retrieved from a ConfigMgr database. The project is hosted at Prerequisites: ASPNET Core GIT Visual Studio Code C# extension You need remote TCP Connectivity to the ConfigMgr database. (probably port 1433 ) Implementing a simple yet awesome ConfigMgr Web API. Clone the repository From PowerShell or commadn prompt run: git clone This will create a folder named CMWebAPI containing all the source code. Read more →

Getting Starting with a ConfigMgr WebAPI

Accessing portions of your ConfigMgr database via a webAPI can really open some doors for some pretty spectacular solutions and of course some nifty automation. Most of the automation “low hanging fruit” for WebAPI usage is during OSD. You can do things like combine data from an asset management system and the CM database to do things like name the device, select appropriate applications, place the device in a proper OU, validate it is corporate owned, etc etc… if you can think it up and you have the data available to you, you should be able to right the logic into your web API. Read more →

Download Office 2016 Updates Easier

I am a firm believer of keeping your Office installation source fully patched. This can reduce your deployment time and increase security while improving the end user experience. I have written a simple script that downloads all required Office 2016 x86 software updates using a list of updates I have published and data pulled from ConfigMgr based on entries in that list. I have a previous blog post on how to do this using ConfigMgr to search for available software updates download them to a deployment package, remove any problem updates and then extract the MSP files. Read more →

Windows Update Analytics not syncing with ConfigMgr (1610 fast ring)

Problem After configuring ConfigMgr to integrate with Windows Update Analytics no data appears in the console after potentially days and days. Upon inspection the DMPDownloader.log has the following: OMS Upgrade Analytics are not enabled And the SMS_CLOUDCONNECTION.log: ERROR: Found exception Microsoft.ConfigurationManager.CommonBase.CMException: Worker assembly doesn't exist Microsoft.ConfigurationManager.CloudConnection.Telemetry, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35.~~ at Microsoft.ConfigurationManager.TaskExecutionManager.TaskExecution.Initialize (String componentName) ... Failed to initialize worker with error = Unknown error 0x80131500 Resolution After way too much troubleshooting I found my problem. Read more →

Finding and Removing Unused ConfigMgr Drivers

This is this the third and final part of my series on driver management in ConfigMgr. Part 1 can be found here. Part 2 can be found here. The script can be found here. Driver Cleanup Have you ever tried to clean up old or unused drivers in ConfigMgr and quickly became overwhelmed? It can become pretty hard to determine what drivers are truly not in use since if you attempt to import drivers that already exist, which is pretty common, you can quickly run into drivers that are in several driver packages and driver categories which can make for a challenging puzzle to unravel. Read more →

ConfigMgr Client Push Installation Failing

Retrieved package version 23. But it is smaller than the expected version 24. Content is not ready yet. GetDPLocations failed with error 0x87d00215 Failed to get DP locations as the expected version from MP server.domain.local. Error 0x87d00215 You can find this in the ccmsetup.log on a client device. This happened to me after a 2012 r2 to Current Branch upgrade. (SQL, OS, everything) At some point the client package got out of whack apparently. Read more →

Removing ConfigMgr Drivers with missing source files

You can find the drivers with missing source files removal script here. This is the second article in a series a driver articles. You can find part 1 here. Driver management with ConfigMgr can be a bear at times. Without some attention to detail towards organizing your driver source locations it is not uncommon for driver source files to be deleted before the driver is removed from ConfigMgr, by accident or otherwise. Read more →

Import boot image drivers from existing boot image

With the new “Current Branch” model of ConfigMgr and Windows 10 we can expect a faster release cycle of the ADK, which means new boot images pretty regularly! Creating new boot media is really simple. However, reimporting all of your required drivers into that boot image can be a real chore. Here is a script that identifies drivers in a source boot image and imports them into a destination boot image. Read more →

“Mfc120u.dll is missing from your computer” when viewing Status Message Queries in ConfigMgr Console

When trying to view status message queries from the ConfigMgr console – The program can’t start because mfg120u.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. You are missing the VCRuntime 2013 x86. The installer can be normally be found at \primarysiteserver\sms_xxx\client\i386\vcredist_x86.exe or from Microsoft Read more →