MTG Sealed Booster – Pauper

Update - we are still playing. 3 years strong and it’s still amazing. My friends and I have been playing a homebrew My friends and I have been playing a homebrew for a while and let me tell you, it has been outstanding. We have actually been playing it more than I expected and now we have about 25 boosters worth of cards a piece. In order to spice things up a little bit we have recently started making pauper decks from our libraries as well. Read more →

MTG Random Deck Color Chooser

function DetermineDeck() { var dieRoll; var numberOfColors; dieRoll = Math.floor((Math.random() * 20) + 1); console.log(dieRoll); if(dieRoll Deck Picker This determines if you are using 1-3 colors in your deck and what the colors are. Read more →

Preparing OCTGN for MTG gameplay

Download OCTGN Register a new account Go here and look for updated news. Image Pack Downloads Install Card Art Create your deck using the deck editor. if you have a deck already created in another digital format, try this plugin for conversion Profit? Read more →

Standard Sealed Booster Format Rules

This format is something concocted by friends in order to keep costs low and the game competitive. It turned into something far more awesome than I would have ever imagined. The standard format makes for just amazing gameplay. This is a sweet combination of limited, standard and sealed. This keeps costs under control and if you use a random color chooser when creating your decks it can be a great experience as you end up playing almost all of the color combinations over time and really can experience everything a particular block has to offer. Read more →

Magic the Gathering Booster Draft Rules

This is the rule set for an 8 person booster draft. Each entrant is responsible to provide 5 booster packs of whatever set(s) are being used. Extra land should be available for all players. The Draft Seating for the draft is determined randomly. Booster 1 – Each player will open a booster pack and discard any promo cards. Land cards and token cards are set aside. Premium (foil) land is not set aside and left with the booster pack. Read more →